FT and HGTV Survey:  Consumers & Retailers:  Making the bedding connection

*Originally appeared in the July 14, 2008 print version of Furniture Today

This exclusive research report bridges the gap between what the consumers want when choosing a mattress and what retailers promote, both on the sales floor and in advertising. Results are based on data from two exclusive surveys.

The exclusive consumer data is based on the responses of 12,330 U.S. consumers. Furniture/Today, in partnership with HGTV, surveyed consumer households via an online survey linked to HGTV’s Ideas newsletter in January 2008. Because of the large sample size, the survey data can be projected within this population with a margin of error of plus or minus less than 1%.

The exclusive retailer data is based on a retailer survey conducted by Furniture/Today in March and April 2008. Responding retailers operate more than 2,500 stores and recorded more than $1.5 billion in combined sales in 2007. Included in the mix of retailers answering the survey are bedding specialists, furniture stores and manufacturer-branded stores. For reporting purposes, bedding specialist results are reported separately and results for furniture stores and manufacturer-branded stores are grouped together.

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FT and HGTV Survey: Consumers & Retailers: Making the bedding connection

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